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In 2016 Founded Hashvids. An innovative collaborative video creation platform that creates automatically edited video’s from user content that is exciting, watchable, and valuable. Hashvids aims to take hashtags to video in a socially addictive way.  More coming soon.

Kinectic Magic

In 2016 Founded Kinetic Magic -- a creative technology company making real-time augmented reality experience and art. We entertain, enlighten, educate our users with bio-feedback systems that are aesthetically beautiful that are instantly animated as reflective visualizations. Kinetic Magic produces original interactive experiences for public showcase and by commission. Kinetic Magic launched by creating the Magic Dance Mirror which has been touring festivals like E3, Slam Dance, the Future of Story Telling, and Burning Man. 

One Day on Earth

In 2008 Founded One Day on Earth. It successfully created the 1st film made in every country in the world and was one of the greatest successes  of my life. It created an unparalleled global filmmaking community and achived many firsts and world records.

Eyestorm Productions

In 2005 I Co-Founded Eyestorm Productions.  In the first five years of the company I played a major roles as the principle creative director and director of content. Clients I directed content for included Lucasfilm, Lucas Arts, and THX.  The company continues to thrive today.

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